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The Art Of Photography

All images are FREE as they are shown on the page you are viewing. You can use the PrtScrn/Sys Rq tab on your computer keyboard and it copys the screen image. Then using your right click on your mouse to paste the picture on a blank letterhead page from which you can enlarge or balance the image and then print the page.

For a specific size, please send dimensions to: Don't forget to include the gallery name and picture image!

There are variation size limits and standard sizes are: 8" x 10", 12" x 16" and 20" x 30". All images are FREE. Depending on the number of requests at any given time, it may take from 1 to 6 weeks before you receive your jpg picture attachment for printing. Thank you.

The Art of Photography will only accept donations sent to DGKPhotography at


The Lightbox tab allows you to store your selected images by clicking Sign In and then registering first.

The piano music is my composition of a movie theme.

The artist retains copyright to images and hereby releases the sizes offered on this screen for free use.

David G. Kramer

(c) DGKPhotography 2015



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