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The Art Of Photography


Many images presented here are beyond normal expectations and they are a gift to you! Solarization, moon images, sunlight natural enhancements and many other variations. In the business it is referred to as backlighting or using direct sunlight to enhance your image without lens interference.

This all depends upon your frequency to capture what you can not see.

The ability to seize evaporating ocean water in a digital image is one example; the harmonic vibrations of the sun; the chemical disbursement of clouds according to the sun's energy and placement; the energy stored in bolders along the ocean shore line and there ability to enhance actual sun rays to display there energy packets. There is a gallery showing you how to capture quantum light spatter. And finally, images generated by a computer using piano music harmonics and random photographs which allowed it to create a mindlink with the user to produce, without software, images of reality-one such image is of the Cleff sign used in music-science that has to have been researched-the hidden truths. One secret is that as the sun travels through space it does leave a trail of energy waste. But who would have known? Basic math proves this theory and there is a picture of it in the Computer Mind Link Gallery. I was forunate to capture an image of sunlight radiating the foundation of the ocean bottom in its actual colors of energy. This is how various forms of colored coral grow by that one cycle of energy hitting it, be it white, red or blue. The ability to corral flying orbs to pose for a picture that revealed their faces, helmets and communication techniques in a photogtraphic image on the beach tops the charts on FB with a few posted here.

This hologram is an amazement of interconnected life forms and of universal interactions. The next generation will be shown, not taught how the program works. Here you have some puzzle pieces to play with.

There are size limits of certain photographs due to low light.

Standard dimensions are 8" x 10", 12" x 16" and 20" x 30".

Pricing start at $10.00.

With 9 Florida State juried awards for placement in public buildings-sales on line are very poor.

I've enjoyed the venture but it is time to retire.

Thank you for visiting.


The Lightbox tab allows you to store your selected images by clicking Sign In and then registering first.

The piano music is my own composition of an improv movie theme.

The artist retains copyright to all images.

David Kramer

(c) DGKPhotography 2015



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