The Art Of Photography
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The Art Of Photography

Retiring in Florida has opened up a completely new field of interest; photography.

With a few first place show ribbons and many juried installations in state and county public buildings, I look forward to complimenting your home with a image worthy of a "Wow"! Currently showing at Orchard Interiors of Belleair Bluffs, Florida.

All 8" x 10" images are acid-free professionally matted and backed to fit 14" x 11" American Standard framing. I only wish a few would sell now and then!

And for the adventurous: There is a video called: The Secrets of UFOS & Orbs on You Tube and at the 5 minute mark you can see their faces, helmets and writing. Please search under my name, David Kramer.


PLEASE REQUEST A QUOTE ON specialized photographs BY EMAILING SIZE AND SPECIFIC PROCESS SUCH AS LAMINATION, DITIGAL DOWNLOADS, METALLIC PAPER ETC. A MARKET PRICE QUOTE WILL FOLLOW. Interior Decorators and corporations are welcome by calling 813-837-5986; Retail outlets are encouraged to expand into the 21 century with modern photography capturing natural light as never seen before.

The Gallery link tab opens the vault to different photographic subjects including the scientific venues and the Menu link tab-a direct contact page for questions.

The Lightbox tab allows you to store your selected images by clicking Sign In and then registering first.

The piano music is my own composition of a movie theme.

Enjoy the Art Of Photography and invite your friends, thank you.


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